School is in full swing and parent-teacher conferences are sure to be expected by mid October. Try these strategies to gain more time with the teacher and help your kiddo succeed…

(1) Review your child’s completed homework before it’s tucked inside the backpack. This will give you insight on your child’s development and a head’s up on concern’s to address with your child and child’s teacher.

(2) Do a pulse check with your child on how they feel about the teacher. This is so crucial to your child’s development as they need to feel loved, appreciated and included. On a weekly basis, ask your child if they like the school work during class, if the teacher includes them during demonstrations and why are they enjoying / not enjoying the class. Ask them about their friendship and who did they play with during recess. Ask questions that lead to further discussion. 

(3) Stay in touch with the teacher. To make it easy, I added a new event on my hotmail calendar to touch basis with my children’s teacher every two weeks via email. I send an email offering to help with supplies or story time. In addition, I ask for feedback about my child’s progress or any issues they see that may need to be addressed. On weeks that I don’t send an email, I will be at pick up 10 minutes early to “show my face” and make sure the staff understands that I am an active parent that cares.

These strategies also takes the ‘parenting’ pressure off the teacher and keeps you in the driver seat as a parent. We’re super blessed that our children have awesome teachers that are constantly engaged in each students development. 

….Parenting starts at home and great parenting continues into the classroom. Your child should know that you have eyes and ears everywhere….even when they are away from you. They need to understand accountability with excellence and the results of both. More importantly, your child should know that you care about their academic development. In the end, we are teaching our children how to be productive adults…..just one day at a time.